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Shades of brown

I normally come across the greatest fashion bargains when I’m not out shopping. I was in Crazy Store yesterday trying to find glass jars for the red velvet cupcakes I was baking when I saw not one but TWO gorgeous pairs of sunglasses. I like both pairs, but I’ve been looking for cat eye sunglasses that don’t cost an arm and a leg for a while now. I absolutely LOVE these. They’re nice and dark and not too pointy.

cat eye sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses fashion blog

The other pair is more rounded with light brown detail. Nice right?

rounded brown sunglasses

rounded sunglasses fashion blog

So much of prettiness! And at Crazy Store…crazy right? 😉 The best part? They’re only R34.99 each. I am a sucker for fashion bargains (okay, cheap stuff) mostly because my history with sunglasses involves sitting on them, throwing them in my bag with my car keys, etc. I have one expensive pair that I take really good care of, but I wear my cheapies most of the time.

fashion blog sunglass collection

My current sunglass collection

sunglass collection

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