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Clothes swapping parties

Bought something on a whim, and now it’s just hanging in your cupboard? Bought shoes that you only wore once or twice before it was retired to the back of your cupboard? If you would like to throw out all these unwanted items, and update your wardrobe with gorgeous new pieces, then you’d be happy to hear about StyleDiary’s monthly clothes swapping parties. These parties are a great way to clean up and update your wardrobe – without swiping your credit card!

StyleDiary’s clothes swapping parties are by invite only (request an invite here), and will take place once a month at an exclusive venue. Guests will be treated to drinks and snacks while they browse, shop and mingle.

How does it work?

The cost to attend a clothes swapping party is R175.00. If you want to attend, request your invite by following this link.

  • The events are by invite only, and only a select amount of ladies are invited to each event to ensure a pleasant shopping experience.
  • The clothes that you want to swap needs to be clean (freshly washed or dry cleaned) and in good condition. Items with broken zippers, missing buttons or stains are not allowed. All clothes will be inspected before the party to ensure that it is swap-worthy.
  • Shoes and accessories like jewellery, hand bags and sunglasses that you want to swap needs to be fairly new and in good condition.
  • Each attendee will hand in their clothes and accessories before the party, and you will receive tokens that you can use to buy other items.

The rest of the evening will be spent shopping, mingling and getting to know other fashionistas. At the end of the evening, all unwanted items will be donated to a charity of StyleDiary’s choice. Does this sound like your kind of party? Request your invite!

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