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Polka dot nails

Polka dot nails are one of summer 2011’s fun beauty trends. We posted this look on our fan page yesterday, courtesy of Inglot, and fans loved it. Polka dot nails are easy to create, I’m currently sporting this chunky polka dot look:

To get the polka dot look, decide on the colours you want to use. Start with clean nails, clear of any nail polish. Apply a clear coat of nail polish as protection and wait for it to dry. Then apply your chosen colour and let it dry properly. Add the polka dots by using the tip of the nail polish’s brush to create the dots. Let the dots dry properly before applying a clear top coat. If you don’t let it dry properly, the polka dots will smudge when you apply the top coat.

You can be creative and use different colours per finger, or more contrasting colours than what I’ve used. If like me you want to keep your polka dot look toned down, wear it on one finger only. It’s a fun look, perfect for weekends!

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